Mediator server

Mediator server

Mediator server is a software which virtualizes SQL database server in such a way that navigational access to database is possible.

SQL databases work using SQL queries which produce the result sets. On the other hand, many programming languages expect ISAM (Indexed Sequential Sccess Method) access to the data they process. This includes such languages as Clipper, Harbour, xHarbour and Delphi BDE components using dBase, Paradox or FoxPro files. ISAM access is record-oriented. ISAM application see data as a set of tables with attached indexes. It processes data one record at a time and the most common operation are:

·moving to the top of open table

·moving to the bottom of open table

·moving to the next or previous record

·finding the record using specified index

·adding record

·modifying current record

Using ISAM data, all this operations are quick and simple - there is no need to buffer data on the client workstation for performing backward moves.

Mediator server was designed to provide you with the ideal illusion of working over ISAM data while in reality the data is located in Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL or MySQL database server.

This means, for example, that your DBF-based application may work with SQL databases in exactly the same way as with DBF files without the need to write and optimize SQL queries.

At the moment of this writing Mediator server can be accessed from the following environments:

·Borland Delphi 7

·Clipper 5.2E and 5.3B