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Overcoming of drawbacks and limitations of xBase application

The most important drawback of xBase application is the way it access DBF data, which is rendered accessible by a file server. In a typical installation, DBF data is stored on a file server, and LAN operating workstations execute operations on given data simultaneously. It means that many stations modifies, blocks, adds and reads records and indexes at the same time. Algorithms operating the data access are on a workstation, and they modify the data remotely via the network. Any problem occurring on a workstation or in LAN network will probably lead to data damage.

Transferring data to SQL database automatically eliminates the mentioned problem, because the further data management takes place in a centralized server and data modification operations are realized in the transaction. The system becomes immune to problems of individual workstations and disturbances in LAN network. The possibility of data damage is close to zero.

Many RDD drivers has limitations related to the maximum size of a disc file with DBF table. When using Mediator, the only limitation is a table size allowed by a used SQL database server.

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