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To what degree is Mediator compatible with DBFNTX/DBFCDX standard?

We have done our best to make Mediator and DBFNTX/DBFCDX as compatible as possible, which will allow for a fast application transfer. That is why expression indexes and a great majority of xBase instructions (e.g. APPEND, CREATE, FLOCK, FOUND, GO, PACK, RECNO, RLOCK, SEEK, SET INDEX, UNLOCK, USE, ZAP) are implemented. The instructions working on files which may be used for the manipulation of DBF, NTX objects and other file types ARE NOT implemented. These are in particular: FILE, FOPEN, FCLOSE, FRENAME, FERASE, FREAD, FWRITE. These functions work in Mediator in a default way, i.e. on physical files. In order to manipulate objects which are in SQL database, you should use functions and commands provided with Mediator. In particular we should change:

  • FILE() -> MedFile(), MedIsTable(), MedIsIdx(), MedIsBag()

  • DELETE FILE, ERASE -> MedFErase(), DROP INDEX, DROP TABLE, MedDropIdx(), MedDropTab()

  • ADIR -> MedADIR(), MedGetTabs(), MedGetIdxs()

  • RENAME -> MedRenTab()

Indexes with NEXT, WHILE, FOR and EVAL clauses are not implemented. SORT instruction is not implemented.

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