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DBF/xHarbour COM interface

This is basically the same as Mediator COM interface but from another perspective.

For those who are not interested in Mediator server SQL capabilities right now, we provide this xHarbour COM interface as a mean to easily access xHarbour's data and functions from virtually any Windows programming language.

While Mediator COM interface is available only as a part of Mediator client in common installer, xHarbour COM interface have been put into separate xbApi installer file for easy download and deployment.

This solution is absolutely free and can be used by anybody interested in any kind of applications including commercial.

For detailed info about xHarbour COM interface see documentation.

xHarbour COM interafce is based on the state of the art xHarbour kernel (Harbour.dll). The appropriate version of Harbour.dll file is attached to the installer, so you don't need to worry about it. More information about the xHarbour project is available at www.xharbour.org.

Available COM objects

The interface architecture is very simple and easy to learn. There are two objects available: HbConnection and HbTable. They provide programmatical access to xHarbour tables/workareas and kernel. These objects provide about 300 methods directly based on the original xHarbour and Mediator functions.

RDD drivers

Replaceable Data Driver is an xHarbour's interface used to access data.
Our COM objects give you access to the following RDD drivers:

  • DBFNTX - DBF files with NTX indexes

  • DBFCDX - DBF file with CDX indexes

  • MEDNTX, MEDCDX - Mediator SQL drivers compatible with DBFNTX and DBFCDX respectively

Every DBF-based Windows application built around HbConnection and HbTable objects can be easily switched to use SQL database by simply changing the used RDD driver.

What can I use it for?

a) Use xHarbour COM objects as migration path for your xBase applications. You can gradually migrate your applications writing new modules in a language of your choice. Thanks to xHarbour kernel underlying our COM interface, your DBF and Mediator data is accessed in 100%-compatible way from both xHarbour and any other Windows applications.

Using our COM interface you can even integrate your xHarbour code with any other Windows application. All you need to do is to put your xHarbour code into DLL file and then run it from your application passing required parameters!

b) Use xHarbour COM interface together with the Integrated Development Envoronment (IDE) of your language for developping new GUI modules extending your existing xHarbour/Clipper applications.

Advantages of xHarbour/DBF components for Delphi
  • easy an unified access to DBF files from any Windows application

  • object methods familiar for all Clipper/xHarbour developers

  • 100% xHarbour files compatibility thanks to underlaying xHarbour kernel

  • ability to integrate and execute existing xHarbour/Clipper code

  • instant future migration to SQL database without writing a single SQL statement

System requirements

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

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