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xHarbour MySQL revolution!
Now unlimited Mediator SQL RDD for MySQL for xHarbour, Harbour and Delphi applications is free for everyone!
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How to buy our software?

In order to buy the software please send us an order form.
You may order the software by fax (+48 12 626 36 38) or e-mail (orders@otc.pl). Whichever method you use, please remember to specify the following data:

  • the name and the full address of the ordering company (incl. fax number)

  • the name and the full address of the company which will use the software

  • the name of the product (Mediator,Terminal)

  • the hardware platform, operating system and database (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgrSQL, DB2)

  • the number of licences you order

  • delivery terms and the shipment address

After receiving your order, we will send you a pro-forma invoice by fax (please specify on the order if you need the pro-forma invoice to be sent you by air mail as well). This invoice will include the costs of the ordered software and, if applicable, DHL shipment (80-110 USD depending on DHL zone). The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to our account specified on the invoice. Remember to specify the number of the pro-forma invoice on the transfer.

We also do accept most of available credit cards.

The software is available for download from our server within 2 working days after the payment is received. The software license and the final invoice are sent via snail mail. If requested, the software can be shipped via DHL within 3 working days after receiving your payment. You will receive the final (already pre-paid) invoice together with the software package.

Our products come as a box with printed documentation, media and license supplied by OTC. It contains the ordered server and client libraries. If you do not need physically shipment, you can download the software package from our download server together with documentation (PDF format).

In the first year, the technical support (e-mail support and version upgrades) for all our products is free. Version upgrades are sent via e-mail on the customer request.

The licensing rules of Mediator and Terminal software

A server may be licensed in two ways:
  • for concurrent connection - a number of concurently connected applications/sessions to Mediator or Terminal server is licensed

  • for concurrent device - a number of concurently connected computers is licensed (the number of applications connecting from a given computer is not important on condition that they use the same network protocol)

The minimum number of users for one server is 2.

For quotations and prices please contact OTC by e-mail (office@otc.pl) or by phone (+48 12 626 35 36).

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