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Terminal GUI & Console versions Version (October 22th, 2022)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:

  • optimization that eliminates bottleneck in DWM access to GPU - important in large installations
  • optimization of WindowFromPoint API - may substantially reduce CPU load in multiuser installations
  • new -nowfpcache option in guiapp.cfg file turns off WindowFromPoint optimization
  • new -excludecom=n option in guiapp.cfg turns off COMn serial port mapping - it becomes normal server port
  • fix in SendInput and mouse_event APIs - now smulated event arrives faster to system event queue
  • fix in MS Office apps rendering (empty window after new Windows updates)
  • added an option for autorestart after automatic Winflector shutdown
  • extended 'Security headers' option
  • storing the message last sent to users by an administrator
  • other minor fixes Version (April 7th, 2022)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • fix related to MS Outlook (TM) on recent Windows versions (no window content)
  • fix that allows using Windows 10/11 system smart card authentication user interface elements such as smart card password/PIN entry window
  • system clipboard fix preventing possible deadlock in some rare usage scenarios
  • TApiGetLicenceNumberString function added to gtrmapi.dll
  • system "Microsoft Print to PDF" i "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" printers now allow saving application printout directly to client machine
  • new "-nofileprinters" option in guiapp.cfg file that turns off above system printers extention
  • new wfflt 1.3.4 remote file driver enchances compatibiulity with Sophos and Comodo antivirus software
  • introduced the possibility of automatic sending/copying of license files to a remote computer (via shared directory, FTP or SFTP) - only for Terminal hosting licenses
  • introduced the option to enable 'Secured cookies' and 'HTTP Security Headers' when working with the WEB/SSL client
  • the function of virtual servers has been adjusted to work in the hosting mode of the Terminal serve
  • added the possibility of changing the maximum number of users of the virtual server without restarting the Terminal server
  • added the ability to quickly delete unused user accounts in TMTOOL
  • fixed sorting in session monitor (TMTOOL)
  • fixed export/import of user accounts (TMTOOL)
  • added wfping.exe application for Terminal server availability testing
  • fix related to MS WORD on recent Windows versions (no window content)
  • fixes for introducing the short server activation key (now it is automaically padded with zeros)
  • introduced different levels of TMTOOL access to the configuration database
  • authorization required for remote TMTOOL access
  • introduced the ability to log TMTOOL administration operations
  • added the function of virtual servers, i.e. groups of users with a limited number of available connections (for testing)
  • fix in handling of running the application as a Windows user
  • fixed implementation of DragDetect() and DrawAnimatedRects() APIs
  • fix in clipboard implementation - prevents the possible deadlock in WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE processing
  • fix in multiprocess rendering to the same window
  • fix in SendInput(VK_LMENU) implementation
  • possibility of using Terminal farm via NAT (HTTPS/SSL client)
  • enhanced diagnostics (additional warnings about non-installed/uninstalled drivers)
  • Windows system compatibility enhancements
  • enhanced smart card mapping
  • TranslateMessage API fixed
  • fix in VK_INSERT key handling
  • fixed WH_KEYBOARD handling for WM_SYSKEYDOWN/WM_SYSKEYUP events
  • new "-loglevel=1-3" guiapp.cfg option sets the tapplog.txt log detail level
  • numerous other minor fixes Version (December 29th, 2020)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • support for server-side advanced GDI scaling (app window enlargement made by server)
  • -gdiscaledoff option in guiapp.cfg file that disables enhanced GDI scaling
  • enhanced guiapp.cfg optimization option "-gdicacheon" - faster rendering, less context switches
  • guiapp.cfg optimization option "-winpropcacheon" - process-level cache for GetPropA/W, important when many concurrent users
  • guiapp.cfg optimization option "-dibcacheon" - faster allocation/deallocation of top-level windows mirror bitamps, important when application creates many top-level windows
  • guiapp.cfg optimization option "-appdrawnmenu" - for applications that modify WIndows menu windows rendering
  • fix in wfflt.sys filter driver (version 1.3.1) responsible for /wfmount file mapping
  • fixes in drawing window frames and menus of MDI windows
  • fix in wfc.exe (problem with recognizing paths with spaces on some systems)
  • small fix in z-order handling
  • extended implementarion of RTL (Right To Left) layout
  • fixed sign-extention for 32-bit XY position and GDI handles passed in Windows messages to 64-bit applications
  • base support for RTL (Right To Left ) windows layouts
  • experimental smart card mapping implementation (requires turning on the appropriate client option)
  • change in algorithm pushing the window image changes - in prevoius version pushing changes could be seriously delayed in case of heavy activity on remote files, COM ports or printers
  • new functionality: now windows can be displayed on the client including their frames (NC area) as rendered by the application. Very usefull especially for applications that render their own window frames/borders. Select the appropriate client or server option to activate.
  • several fixes in windows stack (z-order) management, also including "force z-order synchronization" mode
  • added Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian and Traditional Chinese translation
  • fix related to setting client-side window region in "avoid double frames" mode
  • a few minor fixes Version (May 29th, 2018)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • fix for Windows 10 April Update (1803)
  • added support for HTTPS/SSL protocol for HTML5 web browser client, suport for single domain, multidomain and wildcard certificates
  • added the possibility to run the application on the Windows account assinged to it
  • added the ability to assign published applications to Windows user groups
  • a few minor fixes Version (March 12th, 2018)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • added possibility of changing default icon of the published application
  • new option that allows removing double frame for windows that implements their own frame using WM_NCCALCSIZE message. Option is OFF by default. Need to be activated in client or server configuration.
  • added possibility of launch the process to monitor the server activity and restart after a failure (test option)
  • introduced additional security for server communication within the farm
  • minor z-order fixes
  • added the ability to connect WMTOOL and Winflector server using TCP protocol (UDP only so far)
  • new guiapp.cfg options: -cliptosvoff, -clipfromsvoff, -fttosvoff, -ftfromsvoff
  • -cliptosvoff - blocks ability of copying clipboard data from client to application clipboard on the server
  • -clipfromsvoff - blocks ability of copying clipboard data from application clipboard on the server to client clipboard
  • -fttosvoff - blocks file transfer to server
  • -ftfromsvoff - blocks file transfer from server
  • version 1.2.7 of wfflt.sys (driver for remote file access). Added implementation of the above options.
  • fixed error that sometimes allowed mouse and keyboard events to be delivered to disabled or invisible windows
  • VTM (GVT) Advanced Menu/Other - shows the server version after login
  • fixes for Chrome and Firefox
  • fixes related to automatic server startup after login
  • numerous other small fixes Version (November 17th, 2017)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • fix related to new multi-process Firefox versions - now main window and menu should be rendered properly (native client only)
  • enhanced way of starting secondary processes - now concurrent start of many secondary processes should be more stable
  • fixed and optimized remote serial port driver (WFCOM)
  • enhanced driver signing method should eliminate installation problems on older systems
  • fix in starting the out-of-process COM objects
  • improved stability of Winflector farm
  • reduced login time when authentication via domain/AD
  • numerous other small fixes Version (August 25th, 2017)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • experimental support for multimonitor client configurations. Remember to turn it on in client advanced menu. For some applications you may also need to attach additional monitor to server machine
  • fixed problem of multiply WM_PAINT messages received by MDI windows ("WM_PAINT loop detected for MDIClient" log message)
  • fixed problem with start of the second application on HTML5 client when using domain authentication
  • introduced the ability to secure access to the server using MAC filters (globally and/or for individual users)
  • introduced the ability to update user passwords in application desktop shortcuts on client workstations
  • introduced the ability to store server options independently for each farm member
  • windows location saving/restoring for both server and WMTOOL
  • extended base memory size for registered clipboard formats (RegisterClipboardFormat API)
  • added possibility of defining application working directory and parameters in URL shortcuts
  • allowing to skip a domain during logon is now configurable (by the server administrator)
  • added information about client operating system/browser when defining new allowed MAC
  • small fix in SetWindowPos(HWND_TOPMOST) Windows API
  • some other small fixes Version (February 27th, 2017)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • CHANGE IN DEFAULT SETTINGS - by default menus will be handled on server
  • CHANGE IN DEFAULT SETTINGS - by default AES 256bit encryption will be used
  • fixes related to Linux/OS X client Z-order management
  • fixes related to new graphics libraries introduced in Windows10 and Windows2016
  • fixed handling publishing of applications with names containing illegal characters
  • fixed identification of HTML clients working from behind NAT
  • 'No application icons' option removed from client
  • some other small fixes Version (January 31st, 2017)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • added possibility of launching applications via URL links
  • added possibility of creating URL shortcuts on client desktop using WFC client
  • improved stability of network transmission
  • UnregisterHotKey()/SetForegroundWindow() small fixes
  • fixed Win10/Win2016 server context menus in client menu mode
  • major rewriting of windows Z-order (windows order) management
  • fixes related to application window maximization
  • fixes related to server menus - better handling of VK_LEFT, VK_RIGHT keys and better menu image refreshing
  • fixed problems with proper start of Office2016 applications
  • enhanced network connection diagnostics (more detailed application, server and client logs)
  • introduced fixes in JavaScript WInflector API and added some API examples
  • added possibility of automatic updates of files in VTM directory
  • new HTML5/Javascript API for creating custom login pages and application lists launching via internet browser
  • default login and application list pages rewritten to use the new API
  • improved Winflector server on-line activation
  • possibility of "pinning" the client window to ensure that it will not be closed after launching the selected application
  • fixed bug related to client options defined on server
  • fixed WFC client bug related to problems with adding and removing server IP addresses
  • changes in automatic Winflector start (now you can define autostart without autologin; required logging by user)
  • some fixes related to Terminal tray icon
  • fixed GetCurrentDirectory() API - previously result was returned in lower-case only
  • -srvprocess option fix: now it takes processes started via ActiveX into account
  • serveral fixes in standard server menu implementation
  • new extended APIs: TApiRemoteShellExecute(), TApiGetComputerNameEx(), TApiGetUserNameEx()
  • fixes related to maximization and WM_GETMINMAXINFO restrictions handling
  • keyboard handling fix prevents occasional keeping of the SHIFT ON/CTRL ON status after key is released
  • new -mbrepaintoff option in guiapp.cfg for applications that use custom menu bar drawing
  • new version of wfflt.sys file filter driver - fixed rare blue screen issue when invalid data buffer received from user mode
  • user groups implemented. Now you can add/delete user from a group and grant application access rights for the entire group.
  • new version ( of "Winflector Printer" printer driver. Previous version had problems working with older Winflector versions.
  • dragging optimization in native client. Now WM_MOUSEMOVE with MK_LBUTTON flag is sent not more frequent than each 30 milliseconds. This prevents application from excessive redrawing of the dragged objects.
  • new API function TApiGetComputerNameEx() can be used to get client computer name
  • some other small fixes Version (June 6th, 2016)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • new native client for Apple Mac OS X system (test version)
  • high resolution application icons are now sent to client workstations
  • improved automatic mounting of shared folders (Windows authentication is supported now)
  • new API functions TApiStartClinetProcess(), TApiCheckClientProcess(), TApiKillCLinetProcess() allow managing of the client-side processes
  • new API function TApiFindClientWindow() allows searching for the client window that fulfills specified title criteria
  • new API function TApiSetClientWindowTopMost() can be used for setting or clearing the TOPMOST property (WS_EX_TOPMOST bit) of the client Window
  • log files security descriptors changed to allow all processes for properly writing theis messages
  • fixed bug causing failure to save some options in the server configuration database
  • server logs are generated in english only
  • some other small fixes Version (April 1st, 2016)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • major fix in handling window activation and z-order
  • fixed shared application list in browser client when using Windows authentication
  • enhanced stability of application startup sequence when using virtual desktop client
  • fixes in server menu implementation
  • German language version of server and client
  • version of the universal printer driver reduces the risk of eventuall interactions with application DLL initialization
  • version 1.2 of printer driver installer resolves the installation problems on the machines where system is installed outside of disk c:
  • new -clipparent option for guiapp.cfg supresses WM_PAINT messages to parents fully clipped by invalidated child windows. While more compatible with Windows, may introduce slight performance degradation
  • small fix in handling keystrokes destined to menu windows handled by server
  • possibility of adding Windows firewall rules for Winflector communication automatically on server start
  • possibility of mounting network drives by Winflector server automatically on start (max. 3 network folders)
  • fix in setting focus when enabling window (EnableWindow(TRUE))
  • new -wndrepositionoff parameter for guiapp.cfg file which blocks window repositioning made by Winflector server
  • possibility of hiding server version footer in HTML5 client (only for activated license)
  • fixed generation of WM_HELP message
  • new -lwtr option in guiapp.cfg allows changing of the layered windows (WS_EX_LAYERED) drawing method for Android and HTML client (more in documentation)
  • new method of access to configuration files for Winflector server (locally and in farms) configuration data is managed by dedicated service which can be accessed via LAN (now farms do not require any shared folders)
  • introduced a possibility of defining client parameters on server for each application separately parameters defined on a server will overwrite parameters defined on client when application starts
  • fix for new Windows10 console mode
  • fix in Windows hotkeys processing
  • added support for Windows 10/Edge browser
  • implemented Alpha channel (layered windows) and extended implementation of UpdataLayereWindow(Indirect) APIs
  • mouse and keyboard events dispatching fixed to take non-standard windows regions into account
  • introduced checksums in language files (checksum is not checked when using -langedit command line option for server and client - in such a case the server works only 30 minutes)
  • HTML5 client fix and optymizations
  • better efficiency and scalability due to elimination of global critical section used for synchronization of application threads
  • new -globalcs option can be used to turn on synchronization back making application execution mode compatible with previous Winflector versions
  • native client now supports extended NC (non-client) area extended toward client Window area
  • changed default setting of sharing server printers in Android/HTML5 client - now turned off (printers not visible)
  • added PDF printout filename verification to ensure proper format
  • fixed problem with displaying printer properties from 32-bit process under 64-bit system
  • new more stable version of serial port driver (
  • virtual clipboard fixes prevent possible deadlocks
  • fix related to Navireo/Subiekt pull-down menu handling
  • some other small fixes

Version (April 17th, 2015))
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • new integrated "Winflector PDF Printer" allows printing to PDF from any Terminal client. User-configurable paper size, DPI and color depth
  • preliminary introduction of Italian language into user interface - thanks to our Italian partner Infol SRL
  • file system mapping: blocked mapping of A: and B: floppy drives to prevent unwanted system message "No disk in drive ..."
  • implemented automatic reconnection functionality in HTML5 client
  • fixed issue related to printer visibility and usage in Windows/domain authentication mode
  • printer initialization rewritten to allow execution in application's DllMain routine
  • implemented RSA/AES/3DES encryption in HTML5/Java Script client
  • introduced the ability to launch applications as specified Windows user (when authenticating via Terminal)
  • introduced automatic logon and autostart option for Terminal server (after server machine restart)
  • mapped printer names changed to not contain process id any more - important for apps where printer is configured by name
  • basic implementation of DirectX over GDI emulation - to be used with applications that cannot be configured to use GDI instead of DirectX (options -directxon and -dxdebugon in guiapp.cfg file)
  • fix in server-side menu rendering
  • fix in printer driver installer - now spooler-dependent services are properly stopped before installation
  • fixes in NC (Non-client) window area events processing
  • fix in secondary process creation using CreateProcessXXX() function. Previously possible exception if application released STARTUPINFO.lpDesktop after process creation.
  • added configuration of web interface elements shown on the application list
  • added command line option '-BATCH' which blocks all Terminal server startup messages
  • fixed some problems with farm communication for Android and HTML5 clients
  • resolved problem with farm load balancing when using JavaScript (HTML5) client
  • fixed printing problem manifested by "Cannot create DC/Terminal printer" entry in tapplog.txt
  • version 1.3 of the remote serial port driver. Implemented buffered write functionality which speeds up transfer in WAN networks, especially if device driver sends data in small packets (like a single character at a time)
  • support for automatic positioning of the client IME composition window at the caret position
  • enhanced farm communication for HTML5 clients
  • list of available WEB client resolution is now configured on the server
  • support for WritePrifileString() API used for setting default process printer
  • modified server menu rendering method - no more flickering
  • fixed some problems related to application minimization/maximization/restore
  • fixed problem with starting secondary 16-bit applications (such as from BAT file)
  • partial support (native client and ActiveX) for IE8 and IE9 browsers
  • new DirectX emulation option in guiapp.cfg file: -dxdelay=xxx
  • new GTEAPI functions: GteApiRaiseAsyncEvent() i GTeApiRaiseSyncEvent()
  • enhanced support for applications using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • fixes to menu and menubar rendering in server menu mode
  • fixed application activation context creation in case of complicated manifest structure
  • new HTML5 client option for desktop scaling (125-300%)
  • new server option, which defines if the newly created user gets access to all published applications
  • introduced server DEMO mode which allows users to access the application via the URL without logging in
  • introduced simplified mode of WFC client (only two tabs available - Login and Applications)
  • some other small fixes

Version (October 7th, 2014)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • new HTML5 client supporting Mac OS X, iOS (iPAD/iPhone), Android and other browsers that support HTML5 and WebSocket technology
  • new Terminal Virtual Printer Driver greatly improves application printing capabilities - among others allows access to printer properties
  • option to send text messages to logged on Terminal users
  • extended ability to monitor and kill sessions initiated from Android and HTML5 client
  • fixes to reconnection feature including case of changed client IP address
  • fixed working directory inheritance problem when application starts secondary process with other bitness
  • ability to define additional ActiveX browser-based client parameters (including desktop resolution)
  • now it is possible to launch previously installed Linux and Android client using Web-browser connected to the Terminal server
  • possibility of publishing multiple application with the same access path but different short name. For wfc/gte command-line parameters specify "short_name::path".
  • Terminal server integration with the system tray (now the server is iconified into tray)
  • fixed window Z-order and activation management ("diving" windows cases)
  • fixed positioning of context menus in the server menu mode
  • better handling of rendering on scaled device contexts (DCs)
  • serial port driver fix: extended .Net applications support and better handling of asynchronous communication
  • fixes related to application window iconifying/restoring, especially starting in iconified state
  • better calculation of the window initial coordinates when server and client desktop size differs
  • fixed publishing of applications with paths longer than 120 characters
  • fixed displaying very long published application list on the client (over 110 applications)
  • enhanced compatibility of Linux and Android keyboard with Windows keyboard expected by applications
  • fix in capturing window image in several scaled GDI device context modes
  • fixed WM_MOUSEWHEEL and WM_MOUSEHWHEEL processing when destined to internal (WS_CHILD) windows
  • fix in InsertMenu() API in client menu mode
  • fixed processing of WM_SYSCOMMAND/SC_RESTORE
  • optimized processing of WM_MOUSEMOVE message while left mouse button pressed - better dragging performance
  • fixed passing of special and function keys to ActiveX
  • a lot of other small fixes

Version (March 5th, 2014)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • added experimental 64-bit Linux client
  • added basic support for 16-bit GUI applications
  • fixed processing of WM_MOUSEWHEEL (mouse wheel) in browser and Android clients
  • added support for horizontal mouse wheel (WM_MOUSEHWHEEL) in browser and Android clients
  • small fix in remote file access driver (some remote files were inaccessible)
  • better support for default printer queries
  • fix for faster desktop image refreshing in browser and Android clients
  • fix for printing from MS Excel
  • fix for publishing applications with very long paths
  • new -srvprocess guiapp.cfg parameter - declares given secondary process as ordinary server process (not Terminal-supervised)
  • new -consoleoff guiapp.cfg parameter - turns off the console hooking for a given process
  • fix for function keys in browser client - prevents double action provoked by keypress (in browser and in application)
  • support for Windows7/8 window geometry hotkeys (such as Win+^ = window maximize)
  • fixes related to multithreaded processing of mouse and keyboard messages
  • fix: server working in maintenace mode is not longer used by farm manager
  • browser ActiveX client can now properly work in farm configuration
  • applications run from the same browser desktop or android device are now directed for execution to the same farm server
  • application publishing by shortcut selection fixed - now parameters are properly added as well
  • android: app id changed - old version must be manually uninstalled
  • android: option that allows automatic application shutdown after specified time spent in background (i.e. after pressing Home)
  • android: automatic reestablishing of lost network connection - also via different network
  • android: debug option for testing slow network connection performance
  • android: now it is possible to simultaneously run multiple applications from the same server
  • android: option for automatic keyboard show/hide depending on the caret state
  • a lot of other small fixes

Version (November 8th, 2013)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • windows Z-order management fixes
  • built in dedicated HTTP server
  • support for Winflector login and application launching from Internet browsers
  • ActiveX Winflector client - support for working with application from Internet Explorer, Chrom IE Tab and Firefox IE Tab
  • new -srvprocess option in guiapp.cfg config file. Used to specify secondary applications that should run entirely on the server without remoting windows and name space virtualization
  • new -remotesessionoff option in guiapp.cfg config file. Allows pretending application does not run in remote session
  • other minor fixes and enhancements

Version (May 21th, 2013)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • new -NOEMSG switch for wfc.exe/vtm.exe/gte.exe that blocks error message popups (messages only written to log)
  • SetDefaultPrinter() API implemented
  • fix in SetWindowRgn() API
  • fixed problem with IE10 under Windows 8 and Server 2012
  • other minor fixes and enhancements

Version (April 19th, 2013)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • enhanced support for managed applications including compiled as "CPU Any"
  • support for Winflector API (TApi...) with Android client (also adapted testcapi.exe test application)
  • support for Active Directory global user groups
  • wfserver /NTHMSG command-line option fixed
  • implemented virtual desktop mode required for mobile client devices
  • early test version of Winflector client for Android is now available
  • fix for applications that use defined window region (SetWindowTgn)
  • fixes related to user accounts integration with Active Directory
  • changes in handling domain users - domain controller address now detected automatically
  • user accounts management interface rewritten
  • enhancements related to network configuration database access in network failure situations
  • wmtool monitor extended to display time elapsed from last server-application and server-client interaction
  • new /NTHMSG parameter for wfserver.exe that prevents server from eventually displaying warning about themes not turned on
  • the number of distinct Winflector servers supported by GUI VTM client pull-down list increased to 32. Introduced possibility of deleting servers from the pull-down list.
  • other minor fixes and enhancements

Version (February 18th, 2013)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • new (test) option that allows server-renedered menu windows (Options/Menus handling on server)
  • TrackPopupMenu() fixed - now allows specifying notification window created by different thread
  • using active directory users fixed on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • improved concurrent multiple application startup on multiprocessor systems (te.exe & te32.exe clients only)
  • implemented RawInput for keyboard and mouse (RegisterRawInputDevices()/WM_INPUT etc.)
  • fixed z-order management (resolves problems with dialogs apearing below main application window)
  • fixed Terminal user authorization in Windows mode
  • fixes allowing remote execution of Acrobat Reader X and XI in protecded mode
  • fixed buffer size returned by GetPrinterDriverA/GetPrinterA functions for remote mapped printers
  • clipboard access function (GetClipboardData()) now returns handle alloated as GlobalAlloc(GMEM_FIXED) which fixes problem with applications that forget calling GlobalLock() on the returned handle
  • fix related to owner-drawn menu drawing
  • support for Windows8 and Windows Server 2012
  • ability to assign shared applications to specific Windows users
  • passing the application-defined environment variables (and values) from client to server
  • support for macro-expansion in application working directory (%HOMEPATH%, %HOMEDRIVE% etc.)
  • GTRMAPI TApiGetClientDir() function extended to support more client directories
  • new "Transmission/Wait for connection" (-cntout) option defines how long to retry and wait for initial connection to Terminal server to be established (usefull when server machine is powered up by the first arriving IP connection)
  • -chpwd command-line option fixed to allow changing of the Terminal user password (wfc.exe/gte.exe)
  • fixes related to Terminal server farm
  • fixes in UpdateLayeredWindow(), GetProfileString() APIs
  • fixed support for Register/UnregisterHotKey() APIs
  • fix related to SC_MINIMIZE handling in applications
  • fix allowing Terminal user names containing space character
  • fix related to Terminal user password management
  • other minor fixes

Version (June 19th, 2012)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Terminal Load-balanced Farm feature. Now up to 64 Terminal server machines can be configured as an application-server farm. The right server is automatically selected when client connects to any farm member. Load balancing is based on relative declared machine power and, eventually, on real server CPU load.
  • ability to assign enabled applications to individual Terminal users
  • ability to change Terminal user password from client
  • new encrypted log file containing all information related to password changes
  • new tdecode.exe utility for decrypting the password log file
  • remote serial port optimization. Introduced read-ahead feature and cacheing of the serial portparameters
  • -NOCRA parameter allows turning off the serial port optimizations from the command line
  • clipboard fixes related to automatic bitmap format conversions
  • clipboard fixes related to passing clipboard values between client and server
  • new GTRMAPI function TApiRegisterAppCallback(). Application can register the callback function that is called when some events related to remote application execution happen (such as communication error)
  • other minor bug fixes

Version (April 20th, 2012)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • application activation context generation has been rewritten. There is no need to modify application manifest file or EXE resource any more.
  • option "-actctxoff" for guiapp.cfg configuration file has been added
  • fixed wfc.exe/vtm.exe bug: passing unsupported parameters to older versions of gte.exe
  • other minor enhancements and fixes

Version (March 16th, 2012)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Support for remote serial port mapping. Allows applications to communicate with devices attached to client COM ports.
  • URLs openes via ShellExecute/ShellExecuteEx APIs are now redirected to client browser by default
  • option to prevent the client machine going into stand by mode (Windows clients only)
  • fix in 16-bit color compression algorithm (previously GPF possible)
  • fix in the reconnection algorithm
  • EMF printing fix. In some cases only top of the page was printed previously.
  • fix in XP client clipboard handler
  • new "Properties" page in PrintDlg() API
  • optimized window redrawing in case window size is changed or maximized
  • fix in the image update algorithm (occasional "Invalid compression rectangle" error)
  • CreateProcessA/W and CreateProcessAsUserA/W enhanced by taking into account undocumented members of STARTUPINFO structure
  • added experimental support for 16-bit console applications (DOS)
  • GetPrinterDriverA/W modified to limit the required data buffer size
  • new -aslp parameter unblocking client machine transition to stand by mode (by default stand by mode is blocked when there are connections to Terminal server)
  • new -nodm wfc.exe parameter blocks the "domain:" entry field
  • Glade library eliminated from Linux client for wider system compatibility
  • fix in Linux client related to manual setting of the CS_OWNDC style
  • other minor enhancements and fixes

Version (January 25th, 2012)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • clipboard fix for Console applications
  • faster closing of Console applications using window "Close" button
  • enhanced compatibility with code-protected applications
  • fix in GetPrinterA/W API - extended information levels
  • Office-related fixes
  • fixes related to custom-located configuration files
  • other minor fixes

Version (January 12th, 2012)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • automatic recovery of the broken server network connection, configurable reconnection timeout
  • client window has been made larger for more convenient published applications presentation
  • original application icon images are now presented on the client (standard Terminal icon in previous versions)
  • multilanguage support for Terminal server (language selected in wmtool.exe)
  • enchanced storage method for server configuration, user account configuration and published applications configuration. Now all data is stored in file database and can be easily shared by many Terminal servers.
  • virtualized Windows clipboard. Now all applications started from the same client, share their own private Windows clipboard.
  • fixes related to using Microsoft Office 2010
  • base support for IME (Input Method Editor) introduced
  • fixed problem with starting BAT scripts on 64-bit servers
  • fixes in owner-drawn menu implementation (sometimes menu items where measured incorrectly)
  • SendInput() API for mouse and keyboard events implemented
  • enhancements in SetWindowsHookEX() implementation for mouse and keyboard events
  • fixed WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK message handling for top level windows without CS_DBLCLKS style
  • many minor fixes and enhancements in server and client files

Version (August 29th, 2011)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • added xHarbour extension libraries for xHarbour 1.2.1 Rev 9382 (SVN sources 18.07.2011)
  • minor fixes in installers and application libraries
  • support for 64-bit applications restricted to Windows Vista/2008/7/2008R2

Version (July 27th, 2011)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Introduced support for 64-bit applications
    Version supports running of 64-bit applications on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
    Application interace has also been extended to support 64-bit applications (gtrmapi64.dll)
  • Procedure of application sharing and launching has been enhanced
    The list of shared applications is sent to authorized client who can launch the approprite application by clicking on its icon.
    Shared application definition on the server has been simplified by allowing browsing and selecting it in a file dialog.
  • Introduced support for multi-process applications with distinc processes rendering output into the same application window.
    This includes support for most recent versions of some internet browsers where each tab is rendered by separate process.
    Tested with: IE 9.0, FireFox 5.0 and Chrome 12.0 (for IE and FireFox remember to disable browser hardware acceleration usage)
  • Dynamic synchronization of the locale and keyboard layout
    Previous versions synchronized client and server language and keyboard layout on application startup.
    Version performs the proper synchronization whenever client language or keyboard layout changes.
  • Enhanced method of detecting child processes created as out-of-process COM servers.
    This allows proper redirection of the process windows to the client machine.
  • Application interface was extended by adding two new functions.
    TApiGetMaxDevices() returns the number of concurrent devices supported by the server
    TApiGetClientId() returns the Terminal server session number used by application
  • Application Harbour interface was extended by adding two new functions.
    THBAPIGETMAXDEVICES() returns the number of concurrent devices supported by the server
    THBAPIGETCLIENTID() returns the Terminal server session number used by application
  • New -klsubst option allows for definition of the custom keyboard layout substitution in guiapp.cfg configuration file
  • Extended guiapp.cfg configuration file format allows specifying of the global options (active for all applications)
  • Fix related to the window caption setting - previously caption was sometimes not set correctly
  • Fixes in menu and popup menu handling
  • numerous minor enhancements and fixes

Version (April 1st, 2011)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • gte.exe GUI client was fixed. In some cases on XP machines error message boxes displayed by gte.exe where not shown

Version (March 18th, 2011)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • automatic update of the client files from Terminal server installation. Allows updating user-supplied files as well (see tguimigra_en.pdf)
  • ability to work with the application server configured for 16/24/32-bit graphics. Client automatically adapts to the server color settings or can enforce the 16-bit graphics without changing server settings. 16-bit mode substantially reduces the network traffic.
  • unified the client application log - all client applications now write to Terminal\Client\Logs\tcllog.txt
  • new installers:
    - main Windows installer containing server, client, documentation and development files
    - minimal Windows client installer
    - minimal Linux client installer
  • enchanced login security - now server administrator can enforce all applications to run within its own Windows session (Windows authentication)
  • postfix appended to mapped printer names has been changed from @ERATERM to the shorter @WFC
  • communication protocol has been adjusted to support the planned 64-bit applications support

Version (February 3rd, 2011)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • fix eliminating GDI resources leak when creating device contexts with DCX_PARENTCLIP option (cnetlib.dll replacement required for version

Version (January 19th, 2011)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • numerous fixes related to printing to terminal-mapped printers
  • EMF (metafile) printout is now divided into pages and each page is printed separately. This accelerates the start of printing and allows to set printing parameters independently for each printout page using ResetDC() function
  • printout pages are now sent directly to the terminal for printing without creating intermediate EMF files on the server and terminal. It is possible to enforce EMF file writing using -FILEEMF commandline option
  • better handling of MM_HIENGLISH, MM_HIMETRIC, MM_LOENGLISH, MM_LOMETRIC and MM_TWIPS modes of SetMapMode() function

Version (November 24th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Optimized compression algorithm reduces network trarfic by 5-25%
  • ClearType (TM) fonts are now blocked by default. This reduces network traffic even several times for text-intensive applications. ClearType fionts can be unblocked using gte.exe interface (Allow ClearType) or -act commandline option
  • efficiency-oriented optimizations - i.e. asynchronous handling of network communication
  • Fixes related to 32-bit windows painting on 64-bit Windows
  • additional network traffic optimization for scrolls invoked through ScrollWindow/Ex/ScrollDC API
  • "Optimize for drawing smoothess" (-smooth) option. Directs application to prefer fast updates of the gte.exe windows. It allows for more smooth graphics (i.e. in text scrolling) at expense of larger network traffic and CPU load
  • Fixes related to application desktop virtualization
  • Fixes in TrackMouseEventEx() used together with SetCapture()
  • Fixed TApiGetRemoteIPAddr() i TApiGetRemoteIPPort() user API functions - starting with single-port version of Terminal these functions return Terminal server address instead of terminal station address
  • Fixes in Get/SetKeyboardState()/GetKeyState()
  • GetSystemMetrics(SM_REMOTESESSION) now returns TRUE for aplications executed under Terminal
  • Fix related to identification of OWNERDRAWN menu items
  • many other minor enhancements and fixes

Version (October 24th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Full application desktop wirtualization implemented. There is no longer need for server desktop to be not less than that of the client. Application see the client desktop size
  • Some MDI-related problems fixed
  • Window drawing optimizations
  • Fixed message passing wihin the tree of windows belonging to different threads (important when using embedded COM objects)
  • Fixed caret functions in multithreaded environment
  • Fixed redrawing and size recalculation for standard scrollbars attached to main window
  • Fixed OWNERDRAWN/MF_POPUP menu item redrawing
  • Fixed children scrolling in ScrollWindowEx() function
  • Fix in SetCapture() - local WM_MOUSEMOVE generation
  • Rewritten and fixed TrackMouseEventEx() function
  • implemented non-rectangular window regions for child windows with WS_THICKFRAME style (rounded window corners)
  • Fixed passing of the terminal station IP address to the cooperating Mediator server
  • many other minor enhancements and fixes

Version (August 10th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Functionality that allows redirecting Terminal users "on the fly" to another application directory
  • Ability to create encrypted desktop shortcuts used for starting the application
  • Linux client extended to support DBCS codepages in console applications
  • Linux client fix eliminating short interrupts/delays introduced by network protocol
  • Fixed and accelerated owner-drawn menu handling
  • Eliminated bug related to RSA encryption protocol start-up sequence - sometimes connection was unnecessarily rejected by the server with "invalid user or password" message
  • Workaround for applications assuming top-down DIB bitmap organization (problem with reverted items in some Borland menus)
  • Workaround for applications assuming top-down DIB bitmap organization (problem with reverted items in some Borland menus)
  • More efficient window painting - unnecessary WM_NCPAINT eliminated for applications using comctl32.dll version 6 or later
  • More efficient way of handling windows messages results in general acceleration, especially for background threads
  • Fixed bug which could result in GPF (exception) when exiting MS Word
  • Eliminated memory leak appearing when destroying window with attached menu
  • other minor enhancements and fixes

Version (June 25th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • New method of user authentication using Windows user/password/domain without the Windows logon
  • Additional user authentication through Domain Local Groups
  • API for accessing new logon info: TApiGetDomainName(), TApiGetAuthenticationMode(), TApiGetGroups() , xHarbour: TrmDomain(), TrmAuthMd(), TrmGroups()
  • Testcapi and testhbapi samples updated to use new API functions
  • Terminal console now allows creation of "OleMainThreadWndClass" class windows required for OLE STA operation
  • For Windows console applications support for the following DBCS codepages has been introduced: Traditional Chinese Big5 (950), Japanese Shift-JIS (932), Simplified Chinese GBK (936), Korean (949)
  • Fixed problem with MessageBox function sounds not remoted
  • GetAsyncKeyState() API function fixed
  • Owner drawn menu items handling was rewritten for better performance
  • Fixed problem with unwanted console window appearing on the server in Windows logon mode
  • Remoted window mark (graphic symbol) changed
  • -WINLOGON commandline option changed to -RUNASUSER
  • In case terminal printer cannot be opened in PRINTAR_ALL_ACCESS mode, instead of reporting error, PRINTER_ACCESS_USE mode is now used
  • API libraries for xHarbour (xHarbour 1.2.1,Rev. 6686, CVS snapshot z 15.02.2010)
  • other minor changes and fixes

Version (April 26th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Now all applications work via single server network port. This facilitates configuration allowing access from external networks.
  • New integrated into tmtool.exe editor of the list of applications allowed to be executed via Terminal (allowed.aps).
    ATTENTION! Now security limiting the possibility to start GUI application is ON by default. Before starting application you need to add it to allowed.aps file using tmtool.exe.
  • Fix related to handling CS_PARENTDC windows
  • Patch ensuring better compatibility of the ANSI applications with comctl32.dll v.6 library
  • Other minor fixes

Version (April 16th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Experimental version of Linux client (gte for Linux)
  • Fix eliminating GDI object leak
  • Fix related to handling of the CS_PARENTDC windows
  • Optimization by reducing unnecessary window redrawing
  • Fixes related to applications using mixed ANSI/UNICODE subclassing
  • Fix eliminating WM_PAINT loop hangups
  • Fixed window refreshing after scroll operation

Version (March 8th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Fixed reading of the tguiapp.cfg configuration file.
  • Fixes related to handling of the owner drawn menu items
  • Fixed handling of the WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW windows being the child of the desktop
  • Server workaround for the SearchPath function bug. The bug can eventually hang the Terminal server during application startup.
  • Verification of all four version digits when checking cnetlib.dll and gte.exe compatibility

Version (February 18th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Fixed remote menu handling. Attention: You need to use gte.exe client version for proper menu operation.

Version (February 11th, 2010)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Fixed support for WH_MOUSE, WH_MOUSE_LL, WH_KEYBOARD and WH_KEYBOARD_LL Windows hooks
  • Proper generation of the manifest file for EXE being executed
  • SetPixelFormat() function implementation
  • Forcing of the -noprn option (no printer mapping) if there are no printers defined on the client
  • Fixes for menu bitmap management
  • Enhanced algorithm for the mouse event transfer optimization
  • New, default option -mwmap which turns on the automatic translation of the mouse wheel events (WM_MOUSEWHEEL) into appropriate scroll events (WM_HSCROLL and WM_VSCROLL)
  • Fix for proper redrawing of the MDI CHILD windows
  • Other fixes

Version (November 10th, 2009)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Introduced support for Windows 7
  • Performance-related fix for GUI and console applications
  • Console keyboard fixed - now GetKeyboardState() and GetKeyState() APIs should work fine
  • Console mouse event optimization with resulting lower uplink network traffic
  • other minor fixes

Version (September 30th, 2009)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • fix allowing terminal execution of the BAT/CMD files
  • fixes related to support of the owner drawn menu items (OWNERDRAW)
  • fixes related to MDI subsystem
  • other minor fixes

Version (July 17th, 2009)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • fixed support for MDI applications
  • fixes allowing efficient work with xBase++ applications

Version (June 22, 2009)
The following features/bug fixes have been introduced:
  • Terminal GUI: allows remote execution of the 32-bit Windows GUI and console applications
  • Terminal Console: allows remote execution of the 32-bit Windows console applications

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