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xHarbour MySQL revolution!
Now unlimited Mediator SQL RDD for MySQL for xHarbour, Harbour and Delphi applications is free for everyone!
See OTC News for details.
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Strong partnerships are the basis of OTC's activities.

Due to a kind of software offered by OTC, most of our Partners are companies which are developing systems primarily written in Clipper language. Market evolution and database security requirements makes them implement system versions which are based on Mediator and/or Terminal software. Until now, we have been trusted by almost 100 companies all around the world, which makes us very proud.

Why is it worth to become OTC's Partner?

Partner companies have many privileges; amongst them are:

  • Profitable financial terms while purchasing our products and services for your own use or for re-selling

  • Free Mediator and Terminal software pack for 3 users for tests and software development

  • A possibility to order for yourself or your clients temporary evaluation versions of OTC software

  • A quicker technical support and solving possible problems

  • Only for Partners access to the www service, containing knowledge database, technical information and a possibility to notify about problems and to order on-line

  • Receiving current information about products and marketing materials of OTC

Our products do not come out of nowhere. We listen to our Partners' opinions and suggestions very carefully. This is the only way to be sure that our products really respond to the market needs. That is why we invite you to give us your opinions about the present and future OTC products.

Who may become OTC's Partner?

Companies dealing with software production and trading may become OTC's Partner.

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