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Mediator Delphi client

Mediator components for Delphi

There are three Mediator visual components for Delphi:
TMedConnection - the connection component which is similar to BDE TDatabase component. This component is responsible for establishing and maintaining connection to Mediator ISAM server. It is also used for interacting with xHarbour kernel. For more information about xHarbour see xHarbour
TMedTable - component similar to BDE TTable - use it for interacting with Mediator-managed tables and DBF tables managed by xHarbour kernel.
TMedQuery - component similar to BDE TQuery - use it when you wish to directly access underlying SQL database by using SQL command or query.

Mediator components for Delphi are based upon xHarbour kernel. Apart from the above VCL components there are several low level classes which are used to access xHarbour kernel. Using xHarbour kernel as a foundation for Mediator components enables nearly 100% compatibility between DBF-based applications and Mediator-based applications. See Low level interface for more information.

For detailed info about Mediator components for Delphi see documentation

What can I do with it?

There are several possibilities here. The option which is most interesting for you will probably depend whether you are Clipper/xHarbour developer of Delphi-only developer.

Delphi developers

a) Use Mediator Delphi components to quickly migrate your ISAM-based applications to SQL database environment. In most cases, all you need to do is replacing your BDE (or similar) components with corresponding Mediator components. Move your DBF, Paradox and FoxPro applications to SQL in no time! Forget about rewriting all of your application code to SQL - Mediator will do it for you in quick and efficient way, resulting in a new scallable application working with SQL database.

Mediator Delphi components facilitate migration from any ISAM-based data access components based on TDataSet component. This includes the following solutions:

  • BDE local databases - DBase (DBF), Paradox, FoxPro

  • DBISAM Database System (TM)

  • Advantage Database Server (TM)

  • NexusDB (TM)

  • Apollo (TM)

  • TurboDB (TM)

  • b) Use Mediator Delphi components as BDE-replacement for developping DBF-based applications. This is completely free.

    For xHarbour and/or Clipper developers

    a) Use Delphi and Mediator components as migration path for your xBase applications. You can gradually migrate your applications writing new modules in Delphi. Thanks to xHarbour kernel underlying Mediator components, your DBF and Mediator data is accessed in 100%-compatible way from both xHarbour and Delphi applications.

    It is hard to belive but now you can even integrate your xHarbour code with Delphi application! All you need to do is to put your xHarbour code into DLL file and then run it from Delphi application passing required parameters!

    b) Use Delphi and Mediator components as high-grade RAD environment for developping new GUI modules extending your existing xHarbour/Clipper applications.

    c) Use Delphi and and Mediator components as GUI for your xHarbour code kept in DLL files.

    How does Delphi application work with Mediator TDataset descendant component?

    It is easy - the application is executed as it has been before, but all the references to the data are made via TMedDataset component, translated into SQL language in Mediator server and sent to the SQL database. The results of SQL queries are returned to the application as if it worked on DBF/Paradox or other ISAM data. The effect is immediate and amazing - your Delphi application starts to work on the SQL database without the need of writing a singe SQL command.

    Mediator components for Delphi communicate with Mediator ISAM server which provides ISAM services over SQL database. Most often Mediator server is installed on the same computer as an SQL database. Using Mediator components for Delphi, Delphi application, instead of reading the data from *.dbf/ISAM files, communicates with Mediator server, which refers to the SQL database. Such application works in client-server architecture; the data operations such as data selection, index modification and sorting are executed on the server and their results are presented on workstations.

    Mediator components for Delphi

    Mediator server may work on a computer with SQL database or it may communicate with the database working on a different computer by the means of network software, such as Oracle SQL*Net or ODBC driver.

    Mediator components for Delphi - architecture

    Mediator Delphi components advantages

    • fast migration of Delphi application to the SQL environment

    • a high level of Mediator and BDE components compatibility

    • overcoming of typical drawbacks and limitations of DBF/ISAM applications

    • data security guaranteed by SQL database server

    • the access to SQL database features (transactions, SQL language, procedures stored in the server)

    • safe and effective work in WAN networks

    • low costs of migrating and implementing of applications

    • an ability of simultaneous cooperation with xBase applications using the same Mediator server

    • an ability to use the same components to work on SQL and DBF data

    • client-server architecture

    • no need to install BDE files on user workstation

    Why is Mediator better than other Delphi components enabling non-SQL client-server work?

    There are several solutions available on the market which allow the client-server architecture to be used for non-SQL data access from Delphi. As far as we know, Mediator ISAM sever is the only solution which allows for ISAM access to industry standars SQL databases such as Oracle, MS SQL or IBM DB2.

    While offering/using Delphi application working with Mediator for Oracle or MS SQL server, you offer/use true SQL application - all the access to the data is realized via SQL. The integration of your application with a top-level SQL server product guarantees technical and marketing superiority.

    System requirements

    Delphi 7, 8, 2005

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