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Possible extension of the application and client by using attached interfaces (API)

No changes to the application code are necessary in order to launch it using the Terminal GUI program. However, if the standard functionality of the Terminal is not sufficient, it is possible to extend the client application by using interfaces of the Terminal.

  1. The application interface is implemented as statically or dynamically attached gtrmapi.dll library. The library makes available to the application functions, which allow easy reading of the environment parameters (e.g. checking if the application is executed in the terminal mode) and RPC (remote procedure call) of the functions attached by the user to the gte.exe client as DLL. Application interface also contains other useful functions, such as file transfer functions from the server to the terminal and vice versa.

  2. The client interface is implemented as statically or dynamically attached gteapi.dll library which allows reading of client parameters and integration of local DLL library containing RPC user functions with the client. RPC user functions attached to gte.exe can be easily called by the application. They allow to delegate the execution of some operations directly to the terminal. An example of such operation is the handling of magnetic card access authorization devices.

  3. For xHarbour application users a special interface has been created, allowing the use of application and client interface directly from the xHarbour language level. The RPC functions extending the gte.exe client functions can also be written in xHarbour language. The xHarbour extension interface is fully compatible with the interface used in both Terminal for xHarbour and Terminal for CA-Clipper products.

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