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Compatibility of Mediator driver with DBFNTX and DBFCDX

Mediator contains two RDD drivers
MEDNTX driver is compatible with DBFNTX driver
MEDCDX driver is compatible with DBFCDX driver

While designing Mediator software, we paid special attention to providing a high level of compatibility between our drivers with the most popularly used xBase drivers. The high level of compatibility directly influences the speed and simplicity of adjusting existing applications to the work with SQL database. The following features, often absent in other solutions, are worth to be noted:

  • Fully transparent implementation of fixed RECNO record numbers for the application ( for 4 294 967 295 records in a table)

  • The implementation of the DELETED() function

  • A full, xBase consistent, implementation of locks both the record and the file level (RLOCK(), DBRLOCK(),UNLOCK,FLOCK(), EXCLUSIVE, SHARED)

  • An ability to create indexes with keys being an expression

  • An ability to use a user's function (UDF) in index expressions

  • An ability to create DESCENDING and UNIQUE indexes

  • An automatic translation of field names in tables being in a conflict with the words reserved for a given SQL database

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