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Minimization of network traffic between an application and a terminal

Traditionally written xBase applications (e.g. CA-Clipper) working in the architecture with a file server generate very big network traffic. It practically eliminates the possibility of their use in networks with transfer below 10 Mbps. While using Mediator pack, which cooperates with one of SQL databases, the traffic between a workstation and a server decreases even several times in comparison to the traditional architecture. However, only when Terminal pack is used, the traffic is reduced to several kbps ( kilobits per second). What is means is that on a 64 kbps connection you can run a lot of terminals simultaneously. In this way, with low costs, you can attach the whole company branch to the central application server. Such a huge traffic reduction was achieved by using the text mode, sending only screen changes and by a compression of information sent to the network. A small modification of an application and the use of RPC mechanism allows to run the terminal even via satellite connections, which have little transfer and especially significant transmission delays (stemming from a very big altitude of the geostational orbit where telecommunication satellites are placed - about 40 000 km).

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