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Small requirements for a workstation ("thin clients")

The operating of a terminal emulator does not require much resources for a workstation. All in all, it is only a keyboard and a text screen. That is why you can use almost every PC type machine with at least i286 processor for that purpose. The memory requirements, 1MB of RAM (for DOS), are not high either. Of course, if somebody uses RPC (remote procedure call) mechanism and gives to the terminal many time-consuming tasks, s/he should take it into consideration while choosing a computer. The graphics on the level of standard VGA and a network card or a modem complete the essential equipment.

DOS with a "thin" NetWare client loaded form a floppy disk is enough to start up the terminal. The terminal emulator (te.exe) works also on computers equipped with Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/2003 system. The use of an existing equipment or/and network infrastructure, and a possibility of buying weaker (and thus cheaper) computers visibly lowers the costs of implementing the system.

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