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Mediator vs other solutions

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Mediator xBase/Clipper client

Accessing Mediator ISAM server from xBase applications

Mediator xBase/Clipper client is used to access Mediator ISAM server from Clipper, Harbour or xHarbour applications. Client software implements the concept of RDD driver.

How does xBase application work with Mediator RDD driver?

It is easy - the application is executed as it has been before, but all the references to the data is taken over by Mediator driver, translated into SQL language and sent to the SQL database. The results of SQL queries are returned to the application as if it worked on DBF data. The effect is immediate and amazing - your xBase application works on-line on the SQL database without introducing any changes.

Mediator is an RDD driver and it consists of two elements - the libraries to be linked to the application that realize RDD specification and Mediator server, most often installed on the same computer as an SQL database. After Mediator libraries are linked, xBase application, instead of reading the data from *.dbf files, communicates with Mediator server, which refers to the SQL database. XBase/Mediator application works in client-server architecture; the data operations such as data selection, index modification and sorting are executed on the server and their results are presented on workstations.

Information flow in Mediator system

Mediator server may work on a computer with SQL database or it may communicate with the database working on a different computer by the means of network software, such as Oracle SQL*Net or ODBC driver.

System architectures

Mediator xBAse/Clipper client advantages

Mediator xBase/Clipper client compared to other solutions >> read more

Why is Mediator better than other xBase product enabling client-server work?

There are currently two kinds of client-server drivers present on the market:
  • RDD drivers made to work with SQL databases. Their characteristic feature is that they communicate with a server using SQL language (SQL drivers)

  • RDD drivers communicating with the data via a dedicated server, primarily written for DBF data service (DBF servers)

Mediator driver belongs to the first group, and we are positive that it is its leader. Advice on the SQL driver selection can be found on the page "Selection of the SQL database RDD driver".

How does Mediator situation look like compared with the second group of drivers?
Most DBF servers available on the market have been extended with the ability to process SQL queries, so what is the difference?

While offering/using xBase application working with Mediator for Oracle or MS SQL server, you offer/use SQL application - all the access to the data is realized via SQL. The integration of your application with a top-level SQL server product guarantees technical and marketing superiority.

XBase application cooperating with DBF server is not SQL application, although it may become one on condition that it is fully rewritten in SQL. Since everything needs to be rewritten, why not write the application from the scratch using other tools?

Technical and marketing superiority of SQL market leaders is hard to overestimate.

Supported application types and platforms

CA-Clipper 5.2e, CA-Clipper 5.3b - Blinker 6.0 (or a newer one) linker required. Platforms: DOS, Windows
xHarbour, Linux, Windows - see: >> more
Harbour, Linux, Windows - see: >> more

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