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Mediator vs other solutions

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Mediator xBase/Clipper client compared to other solutions

There are several solutions available facilitating migration from Clipper/xHarbour to SQL database. While it is not possible to compare all features of all products, we will try to list the most important features which we believe are unique for Mediator, or at least are Mediator strong points.

1. Very high Clipper/xHarbour compatibility level

  • 100% Clipper/xHarbour-compatible network logic.
    All your record, file and exclusive locks work as expected, being visible even through database transaction boundaries.

  • 100% Clipper/xHarbour-compatible transaction logic.
    Your changes are immediately visible for other applications. When required your application can use extended database transactions as well.

  • 100% Clipper/xHarbour-compatible cache logic.
    When you perform operations which refresh current record value (such as GO TOP) you can be sure you get a fresh copy. No need to rewrite algorithms waiting for changes introduced to database by other applications.

  • 100% Clipper/xHarbour compatible record numbering.
    By default, no holes in record numbering are allowed. Thanks to this feature all RECNO-dependent algorithms run unchanged. When required, application can also be switched to perforated record numbering mode.

2. Very efficient operation

Thanks to its two-part architecture (client libraries and server) Mediator is very efficient.
  • all database operations are performed locally (on the same machine) between Mediator server and SQL database. This brings great speed benefits.

  • efficient network communication. Application communicates with Mediator server using the optimal, specially designed protocol, consuming as small amount of network resources as possible.

  • only one database connection is required for each application

On the other hand, most of the existing solutions require every database operation to send packet over the network which slows down the operation and consumes network bandwidth. Some of them even require two connections to be established to database for every application.

3. Mediator is an open solution

  • compatible with xHarbour, Harbour and Clipper

  • compatible with free www.xharbour.org version of xHarbour and with commercial xHarbour as well.

  • compatible with Visual C++, Borland C++ and Pelles C compilers.

  • dedicated Mediator Delphi components allows for efficient and easy access to your Mediator-managed SQL data. More dedicated interfaces under development.

  • dedicated Mediator COM objects allows to safely and efficiently access Mediator and DBF files from any COM-enabled environment. This means Mediator and DBF files can be natively accessed from virtually any Windows development environment.

4. Easy deployment in large commercial installations

Mediator SQL RDD consists of the client libraries (RDD) which you link into your application and Mediator server which you usually install on the same machine where SQL database is running. Thanks to this architecture Mediator administration is extremely easy.
  • no need for ODBC drivers, Oracle OCI or other custom client software to be installed on the client machines. All you need to run your application is TCP/IP stack.

  • all software but application exe is installed on one central database/Mediator server

  • easy monitoring and managing of Mediator server through local or remote interface. You have access to all sessions, tables and locks information from any place in your network.

  • ability to optimize your (x)Harbour/Mediator applications and installations by analyzing global profiling information gathered by Mediator server for each connected session. This is a database-independent feature which allows you to quickly identify eventual bottle-necks in your application and proceed with its optimization. No more guessing.

5. Reliability

Mediator has 8 years of history behind. Several thousands of server installations, some of them managing terabytes of data for up to 6000 on-line users, make Mediator a save choice for demanding commercial installations. While Mediator is not the cheapest available solution, thanks to its high Clipper/xHarbour compatibility level and reliability we are convinced it is the best solution for commercial installations.

6. Free versions

No other available product offers a free, unlimited version of the package. We offer free, unlimited version of Mediator RDD for MySQL for xHarbour/Harbour. This allows you to start using our technology immediately and without investments.

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