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Who are we?
We specialize in creating software tools for relational

databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL), Borland Delphi and CA-Clipper/xBase environments.
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What do we offer?
A transition to new and safe data-access technologies for everybody who creates and uses Borland Delphi or xBase applications.
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New www.winflector.com site
Welcome to new service dedicated to Winflector - Windows remote application access server.
Winflector / Winflector Console

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Clipper Migrating to SQL?

If you are going to migrate or rewrite your application to use SQL database you definitely need to read about our Mediator ISAM Server. You will learn how to migrate to SQL quickly without the need to rewrite the application and even without the need to know SQL!
Migration of your Delphi, Clipper, Harbour or xHarbour application is really simple! Just keep on reading.
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OTC News
New company address

Every company producing Delphi or xBase software (Delphi, Clipper, Harbour, xHarbour) may become an OTC partner.
For our partners we offer attractive purchase terms and technical support.
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Now you can find out prices of all our software on-line. We have placed the price calculator in "Products/Prices" section. The calculator is available for registered users only. You can also download our entire price list in PDF format.
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Mediator pack
Mediator allows for quick migration of Delphi or xBase (Clipper, xHarbour, Harbour) applications to SQL environment.

Terminal pack
Terminal allows to run Clipper or Harbour application in terminal mode with an application server.

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