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xHarbour MySQL revolution!
Now unlimited Mediator SQL RDD for MySQL for xHarbour, Harbour and Delphi applications is free for everyone!
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Mediator ISAM Server
We would like to present a family of programs, which are designed to improve effectiveness and safety of database applications written in Delphi and xBase language (CA-Clipper, Harbour/xHarbour) by its migration to the transactional environment of relational database management system. Mediator ISAM software enables cooperation with different databases. At present, the following versions are available:

Mediator enables porting any Delphi, CA-Clipper, CA-Visual Objects or (x)Harbour application to the relational database environment, which in practice means the end of problems with damaged indexes, too large tables or unsatisfactory data protection. Additionally, Mediator makes all the facilities of relational database servers available for programmers who use Delphi or xBase tools.

To access Mediator ISAM Server the client software is required. Depending on your needs you you may wish to continue reading about

Terminal software enables xBase application to work in terminal architecture on the Windows NT/2k/XP platform running as an application server and DOS/Windows terminals connecting with the server through TCP/IP or IPX/SPX networks. The software enables terminal work for CA-Clipper and Harbour applications ( in text mode). A cooperation with Mediator is also possible. At present the following versions are available:
The application run on a server is driven by user's keystrokes sent from a terminal run on a remote PC computer. Centralized terminal architecture ensures a high level of data security and minimalizes the network traffic, which, in connection with little requirements for workstations, offers a quality level which has never been met before in CA-Clipper applications.

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